Arriving (Mexico City International Airport – Hotel)

General information

The “Benito Juárez” International Airport (AICM) has two terminal buildings: Terminal 1, which is located at the northern side, and Terminal 2, which is located at the southern part. You will be able to find currency exchange offices. Some of the best deals regarding currency exchange may be found at the ground floor in both terminals. You may check the interactive map of the airport in this link:


The AICM offers to all travelers several transportation services for moving into any part of Mexico City. Here we list some of them:

Authorized Taxi Service

You can find the authorized taxis at entrances 1, 2, 7 and 10 in Terminal 1 and at entrance 3 in Terminal 2. To use any of the taxi services you will need to buy a taxi ticket before boarding it at any of the authorized modules near the arrival gates or at the lobby area. The taxi fares should be posted in a visible place and are in Mexican Peso. Be advised that some of the taxi services may only accept cash. We recommend you only using the authorized ones when leaving the AICM. For more information about the authorized taxi services check:

When boarding a taxi, have written down in a paper and in Spanish the full address of the hotel or place you want to go. The proper Mexican full address is written as follows:

-Hotel Name 
-Street or Avenue, Number
-Neighborhood (Colonia, in Spanish) , Zip Code (5 numbers)
-Municipality (Alcaldía, in Spanish), Mexico City

Fiesta INN

Periferico Sur 5530

Pedregal de Carrasco, 04700

Mexico City.

One Periferico Sur

Periferico Sur 5530

Parques del Pedregal, 04700

Mexico City

Camino Real Pedregal

Periferico Sur 3647

Heroes de Padierna, 10700

Mexico City

Radisson Paraiso Perisur

Cúspide #53

Parques del Pedregal

Mexico City

Mobile App Services

There are several transportation apps available in Mexico City such as Uber, Didi, Beat and Cabify. If you want to use any of those please download your preferred app before traveling and be sure to register a valid credit card (or a debit card with at least 50 USD of funds).

Remember that these apps will charge you in Mexican pesos while using them in Mexico; your bank will charge you that amount applying their exchange rate between Mexican pesos and the currency it handles. Watch out for additional fees that your bank may apply.

When asking for these services you should be careful to give an easy access pickup point. If departing from Terminal 1 we suggest you to select any of the entrance gates from 3 to 6 as your departure point while from Terminal 2 choose gates 1 to 3.

Hotel Shuttle Services

Some hotels in Mexico City offer shuttle services to and from the hotels. These services are located at entrance 4 of Terminal 1 while in Terminal 2 you can request a hotel shuttle at the hotels’ service counters on the ground floor. Please check with your hotel if this service is available.

Fiesta INN:

+52 1 55 53266900

One Periferico Sur:

+52 1 55 53266900

Camino Real Pedregal:

+52 1 55 54493650

Radisson Paraiso Perisur:

+52 1 55 59275959 EXT. 1275